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Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Live For Revit Users To Convert Their Designs Into Fully-Interactive 3d Models

Autodesk, Inc. just released Autodesk LIVE, the newest collaborative visualization service. The Revit users, who are mainly, associated with the architecture, engineering, and construction industries (AEC), can convert their designs into completely-interactive 3D models.
Earlier, Autodesk live was called Project Expo. With Autodesk LIVE, it becomes easier to draw viewers into the story of an architectural design similar to a video game. With a single click in Revit, Autodesk LIVE constantly and imperceptibly transforms a project visualization into an interactive model in the cloud. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals get the ability to adapt as well as distribute the experience with clients to communicate the digital design prior to buildup a project.

With LIVE, the clients can move inside a building and feel everything superior before it is real.

By including LIVE, Autodesk now provides a complete series of visualization tools for AEC professionals of all levels having sound technological knowledge. LIVE is the newest inclusion in the company’s LIVE Design family of visualization tools. In the future, Autodesk LIVE will support various virtual reality technologies like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other popular brands.

Autodesk LIVE offers the following benefits to architects, engineering, and construction design professionals:

  • Arrange Autodesk Revit models for real-time assessment instantly;
  • Combine Revit models with an environment terrain template to rapidly insert scale and context around any building;
  • Transform rich photorealistic content (RPC), people models, and vegetation models to real-time 3D models
  • When BIM data is transmitted to the Autodesk LIVE Environment, it becomes easier to recognize how BIM objects perform in a better way. For instance, LIVE identifies a door as a door, and as in it will open and close as the user proceeds through the door.

Another instance is the capability to display the time of day and year, which will be modified at any point to understand the representative sun and shadow patterns.

It becomes simple to shape an audience’s experience by adapting the navigation points, the rendering style, and even the time of day. After completion of the interactive visualization, the free Autodesk LIVE viewer facilitates the users to distribute on selected Windows and iOS devices.

Availability: The existing Autodesk Revit Subscribers can access the new Autodesk LIVE service by incurring an extra affordable, monthly cost. At launch, the service is available in English only via the company’s online store.

Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Live For Revit Users To Convert Their Designs Into Fully-Interactive 3d Models

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