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Bring BIM to life with augmented and virtual reality

The way of designing usually changes as the technology evolves and as such there are usually changes in the way of designing that has been observed.

There has been a statement that the fourth wave in terms of technological growth will be represented on the part of virtual reality and augmented reality. This fourth wave shall create a way for us to invest in our way of doing things and to increase our efficiency.

The reality is that we are now at the exact moment when augmented reality and virtual reality are going to be able to demonstrate the actual advantages that are already being used in a variety of sectors, including those in the construction industry.

The Augmented Reality (AI)

There is an expression known as augmented reality that emerged in the year 1992 which was referred to as the enrichment of sensory perceptions through the use of various levels of information which can be perceived through the five senses in a variety of ways.

Aside from its origins in the military field, this technology, just like different technical innovations, has been widely used in advertisement and marketing fields to slowly conquer the tourism sector as well as the video game sector.

By utilizing appropriate markers, it will be possible to use information that improves the perception of reality. There are times when the software used to identify such markers is overlapping with the original image that has been enhanced with audio, video, and other 3D objects.

There are many applications of augmented reality, which make it well suited for various interior design applications since it has the capability of showing an item or some kind of virtual furniture set in a different room or space.

Virtual Reality

In the beginning, virtual reality was born out of a desire for the replication of a non-reality world, generating its characteristics in accordance with the perception of the senses and then performing various actions existing in virtual spaces while exceeding economical, physical, and security constraints, all at the same time.

Using VR, the information can be subtracted or added electronically based on how the information is presented. It is therefore a fact that data is rebuilt by a computer and as a result, it becomes preponderant as far as deceiving senses are concerned and generating the sense of being immersed in a virtual world.

The power of virtual reality allows you to recreate various three dimensional models for any project that you are undertaking. On the one hand, the augmented reality is defined as the enhancement of the senses, and on the other hand, virtual reality is defined as the alteration of the senses.

Furthermore, we could also consider immersive reality to be an evolution of virtual reality since it can be accessed through the use of a certain viewer that can immerse you in some new world in which you can interact with it.

BIM Related to Virtual Reality

Building Information Modeling (BIM), or Building Information Representation, has been described as the digital representation of functional and physical properties of a building or any other object, and it can be defined as a model for:

1. Maintenance
2. Programs
3. Designs
4. Realization

The following information is related to a construction work which uses a specific type of information model which contains a variety of information about the construction work which begins with a project and ends when it has been completed, also involving stages of dismantling and demolition.

Consequently, it will be easier to understand how virtual reality and building information modelling work in conjunction with one another.

It is therefore possible to obtain 3D models of the buildings through BIM, which are considered to be the models for virtual reality in accordance with the definition.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Shine Star Services

One can readily demonstrate that one can create a virtual environment in which all the features of the project have already been defined and when the model has already been prepared using BIM software and the model contains all the special geometric and colour information about the colours and materials of the project.

Bring BIM to life with augmented and virtual reality