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BIM Content Library Released by ASI Group

ASI Group is known for the production of restroom accessories, toilet lockers have recently released BIM content library for construction use. Architects and Designers can access a wide range of design tools in BIM content Library.

The Revit Library has a collection of storage options, accessories, a commercial washroom, and partitions. Documentation, Visualization, Performance, and functionality kept a balancing factor in the families. It also adds options like 2D line-work, Origin points, Family & shared parameters, Product Data Integration, Material applications, Classification, File Size, and much more.

BIM Content Library has ?virtual showrooms? as Revit Project Files (.RVT) with in-build families and Family types. Architects and Designers can glance through the library for each range of products. Every family document can see consistently in the project environment as well as new design reconfiguration.

BIM Content Library is a must need for Designer and Architect to give realistic renderings of their product to their clients. ASI?s BIM Content Library has high quality and great resources that can match client?s expectations.

This content Library is designed for Revit users who can easily document, design, and specify ASI products within Revit. ASI creates a video named Content video guide that gives a library overview with access and browsing tips as well as its content overview.

Users can listen the commentary on different methods of creating Revit families. You can browse the entire library of families in a single Revit project. You can check the ASI Revit library in ASI, ASI accurate partitions, ASI global partitions, and ASI Storage.

BIM Content Library Released by ASI Group