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ArchiCAD 25's various Features and Benefits in 2021

The latest versions of three of Graphisoft's main products were recently released: its flagship BIM package, ArchiCAD, BIM-cloud, its cloud collaborative software, and BIM-x. It is a mobile and web tool for viewing and collaborating models.

The launch of this year's edition of ArchiCAD marks Graphisoft's 25th anniversary. It included 3D capabilities as well as traditional 2D CAD from version 1.0 of ArchiCAD, and it continued to become increasingly object-oriented with subsequent releases.

Designing of ArchiCAD 25

Architects do design, so that's been the focus of ArchiCAD since its inception. In order to accomplish this, engineer every tool and enhancement offer to provide the best design workflow without affecting creativity.

A key enhancement in ArchiCAD 25 is improving navigation between 2D and 3D as much as 3D. You can select an element in a 3D view and open the corresponding 2D view while still selecting the element. To be able to view the element in the 2D view, the view will automatically zoom in. The selection of the element in 2D follows by the opening of the corresponding 3D view.

As a result, architects can work both in 2D and 3D with the same element, switching between them as needed. You can also select the element in a 2D view and view its corresponding plan view.


Collaboration in ArchiCAD has always been about enabling architects to collaborate more effectively with a multidisciplinary team & keep them at the heart of the process. Its enhancements have been added to ArchiCAD 25 following several additions made in the previous release.

Structure analysis models are now automatically converted into building models, so structural engineers no longer have to adjust the models manually. This adjustment makes sure the analytical members are continuous at the intersection, a requirement for structural analysis.


Architects do not have to rely on image-editing software such as Photoshop to create better-looking visualizations with ArchiCAD 25. Surface textures and shadows can apply to elevations, sections, and 2D fills. The draw's quality is improved, which would appeal to architects' aesthetic sense & better communication of the design intent.

A significant improvement in visualizing his work creates custom colors for graphic overrides, both on the surface and in the background. In this case, elements' fire ratings override by custom colors. In 3D & 2D, the same colors apply, allowing for consistency no matter what view uses. A visualization of this sort helps ensure that all elements have the desired properties and that the model is of good quality.

Benefits of ArchiCAD 25


ArchiCAD has the advantage of accurate quantities calculation from its models, including the components made up of an element, such as the layers in a composite wall. Typically, the calculation makes accounting for exclusions such as openings.

Depending on local regulations for quantity take-offs of components, It offers the capacity to make this more granular. Instead of just calculating net and gross areas for components that have openings, you can now specify a condition.

Parametric Building Object

With ArchiCAD 25, you'll find an expanded library of parametric building objects, including new interior furniture elements and modular kitchen cabinets that support current interior design trends. There are hundreds of options to customize all library objects in Graphisoft's Geometric Description Language format.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Archi-Next Studio

Final Thoughts

The acquisition of Graphisoft by Nemetschek in 2007 cemented ArchiCAD?s position as one of the leading BIM applications. It has continued to enhance its capabilities ever since. In 2009, ArchiCAD 13 introduced server-based collaboration, ArchiCAD 20 introduced bidirectional integration with Grasshopper design scripting, and ArchiCAD 21 implemented rule-based design. In 2014, Graphisoft introduced BIM-x and BIM-cloud, which extend ArchiCAD?s capabilities.

ArchiCAD?s 25 major releases are certainly something to celebrate, not just for Graphisoft but also for the many architectural firms that have stuck with the product despite the market pressures of larger competitors. By adopting this BIM application, they gained a vendor who understands their needs and responds to them. With ArchiCAD, technologies get better and better year after year.

ArchiCAD 25's various Features and Benefits in 2021