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Many large architectural firms are doing pilot projects with this software and SOM is using it for its 1,776-foot-high Freedom Tower project at the 9/11 site. Autodesk is expending lots of resources developing and promoting this software to the AEC community. For architects new to BIM, this software may be an excellent choice. Revit has the smallest user base because it's the newest solution. It is, however, an excellent solution and, with the backing of Autodesk, could become an industry leader.

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Acme Brick Company launched a software tool useful for brick industry with which architects will be able to bring BIM (Building Information Modeling) data straightforwardly to an Autodesk? Revit? project.

All the Architects and designers can operate with two existing online visualizations tools from the Acme Brick website which are completely manageable with BIM

With AcmeBIM Online the users will get the ability to choose brick from a visual catalog distinguished by name or color family. Once selection is done, users are capable to view brick as a simulated panel or building elevation. The users can also modify mortar colors.

AcmeBIM Online database contains BIM-compliant technical data in support of every brick. Applying the plug-in version, BIM data, accumulated in 36 diverse categories, can be imported straightforwardly into a Revit project. Users of the AcmeBIM Online's Web version can download BIM data as a standard text file in .CSV format.

AcmeBIM online