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SDS/2 Connect 2014, an add in for Revit Structure

By setting up SDS/2 Connect, Revit Structure users can mechanically design steelwork connections and print out all the related design calculations conveniently and instantly.

Besides, the software can convey design models for manufacturing.

Download a free version, by visiting the website at In order to include the SDS/2 connect add-in to Revit structure, the users have to pay $1,500 for each license.

Design Data, a key provider of state-of-the-art BIM and 3D detailing software for the steel based engineering, detailing and fabrication sectors, just released SDS/2 Connect 2014. It is an add-in for Autodesk? Revit? Structure 2014 software and designs code-compliant connections and generate reports within the Revit surroundings.

The structural engineers as well as fabricators now will be capable of designing, performing code check analysis and developing steelwork designs to fabrication inside a BIM workflow by integrating Revit structure with SDS/2 connect.

SDS/2 Connect can transmit constructible "as built" connections inside Revit Structure by bonding and reducing the gap between design and fabrication which will result in lessening design time as well as project timelines and costs.

SDS/2 Connect 2014, an add in for Revit Structure