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KieranTimberlake launched BIM based Software for Life Cycle-Based Design Decisions

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KieranTimberlake, the renowned architecture firm from Philadelphia , just introduced Tally? that combines BIM models with authenticate life cycle data. KieranTimberlake is the developer of the application and he applied Autodesk's Revit API to make bonding between BIM elements and a custom-designed LCA database.

Tally? mingles material attributes, assembly details, and engineering and architectural specifications with environmental impact data for generating reports for the purpose of evaluating material selections by the designers.

Tally", facilitates the customers to gauge the ecological impact of materials with embodied energy and global warming potential.

This newly launched BIM based software facilitates designers to quantify the ecological effect concerning the building materials straightforwardly in a Revit model.

"Tally" performs significantly by providing Life Cycle Assessment into the design progression. The designers can reap the advantages as they don't have to create an individual model for analysis. They will be able to interrelate with their models through a smooth and insightful interface. Tally? brings LCA information to the design team facilitating them to take life cycle-based product decisions inside the same working environment efficiently while creating the building designs.

There will be live presentations of the software at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia from November 19-22 as well as at the Materials and Human Health Summit at Greenbuild on 11/19. Besides, product demonstrations will be arranged at the Autodesk Booth on Wednesday, 11/20 from 1:30-2:30 pm, and Thursday, 11/21 from 3:00-4:00 pm.

KieranTimberlake launched BIM based Software