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7d BIM Is Out. Here?s What?s In

Architects, engineers, and building contractors are increasingly using BIM in their projects. Each of the building sectors has its own purposes and benefits of BIM, like the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors. By reducing the waste of materials and assessing the risk of a project, BIM is useful in the construction sector. The most important benefit of BIM is that it helps avert clashes on the site and reduces mistakes there as well.

Imagine a simple software tool that could be used by building designers to easily incorporate embodied carbon impacts and whole-life costs into the design. Adding 7D BIM to the already existing 4D and 5D BIM promises to add another dimension. One of 7D BIM's pioneers is an industry consortium consisting of Morgan Sindall Construction, Galliford Try Partnerships, Hoare Lea, Prosperity Capital, BLP Insurance, Etex, Elliott Wood, and Stanhope.

Define BIM Dimensions

Your BIM models will be able to integrate additional dimensions of data into your models, giving you a better understanding of the construction project.

Define 7D BIM

7D building information modeling is used by builders and project managers alike during the maintenance and operation of a project. BIM with a 7D CAD would allow for optimized project management from conception to demolition. It consists primarily of 3D as well as time, cost, and sustainability intelligence. Asset data that can be tracked in this area include warranty information, technical specifications, and operations manuals.

Aim of building 7D BIM

It is the ultimate objective of this project to build a decision-support tool that sits between a building information model and a cloud-based database that shows whole-life costs and enables the two to communicate.

The model could be changed, such as switching one type of cladding for another or using wooden windows instead of UPVC. With the help of the database, the designer could be given an immediate indication of how the decision will affect the whole-life costs and embodied carbon.

Even though manufacturers may provide whole-life data for their own products, these estimate do not account for incorrect installation or maintenance. However, their exposure to harsh environmental conditions was greater than average. It is, therefore, necessary for reliable estimations of whole-life costs to be based on measured data.

Data Sources of 7D BIM

Three main sources provided this data. Building insurers require whole-life cost data, and BLP Insurance's immense data volume provided some of the data for a proof-of-concept database. Data from two other building industry consultants are also incorporated. In addition to whole-life carbon data, at least one of the sources includes this information. This data will be demonstrated at the launch of the prototype.

Advantage of 7D BIM

From the design stage to the demolition phase, the 7D BIM helps you keep track of the facility or asset. With it, parts can be changed and general repairs can be performed throughout the lifespan of a building or project. Provide instructions to the contractor about which maintenance process needs to be followed.

One of the major BIM advantages is that it enables the construction process, as well as the design process, to run smoothly from the very beginning to the final product and beyond for all parties involved.

We can safely say BIM has revolutionized the building sector around the world by making it easier for authorized people to access building information from anywhere and communicate and collaborate with those on-site.

Wrapping it Up

It is no surprise that building owners and managers are keen to find ways to save money when operating and maintaining buildings can cost four times as much as designing and constructing them. It is more common for people who have little interest in how much building costs to run after completion to make the most important decisions that affect operating costs.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Cartwright Pickard

Even if designers wanted to factor in the whole-life cost of every building element, it would be an unwieldy task, given that there is no whole-life cost data available for all construction products.

7d BIM Is Out. Here?s What?s In