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4D Construction: the new generation of Architecture

As 3D building information modeling (BIM) continues to be the technology-enabled development for design delivery. Construction firms view different ways to influence these 3D BIM models for downstream construction workflows. Civil Engineers are incorporating 4D modeling to their workflows.

The perception adds a time facet to the 3D CAD model that enables teams to examine the sequence of events on a timeline and visualize the completion of construction tasks. This concept can be extended to '4D', where additional dimensions represent other types of in sequence added to the 3D model context.

There is some method that helps 4D construction

1. Model-based scheduling and simulation: A 4D model allows planners and structure staff to envisage the construction sequencing including staging like cranes, material storage and site access. It helps identify errors in the plan and optimize the path of construction.

It is also a better way of communicating the preparation to the entire construction team. It helps to the construction people to visualize themselves before making mistakes in real field.

2. Model-based QTO and Estimating: A model-based approach in basically means the total journey from methods to quantity then calculations codes that are linked to model objects to allow for more exact estimates enables rapid iteration if designs change, and enable cost to be part of the project plan optimization. Having this information enables organizations to put together accurate tenders.

3. AR or VR and Model-based field assessment & progress Tracking: A geo referenced construction model brought into the field using web and mobile apps to endow with data access and confine in the field with the concept of 3D model.

The procedure ensures that ground staff s who are collecting data about the accurate constructed positive feature because they use its virtual representation as a indication for the task they are finishing.

The Current Situation within Heavy Civil Projects

However 4D construction modeling is useful but it is not using on every project. It is often easier for construction to influence model-based workflows when they have the model.

It is not always the case and specifically not for civil projects this happens less often as infrastructure owners do not specify 3D models as the design deliverable to contractors.

But time is changing, as countries like the UK drive BIM specification and as build delivery models gain recognition.

4D Construction: the new generation of Architecture