About Wood frame component (e.g., truss) fabrication on site

A multi-storey wood frame construction system of the beam and column configuration uses engineered wood products. Standard prefabricated column components permit beam and column construction system which heretofore has usually only been possible with steel when used in multi-storey buildings.

The system comprises a plurality of prefabricated column components, all having the seine height for one storey of construction, the components spaced apart and supporting laminated beams, each component having at least two laminated vertical column members extending from top to bottom of the component, the vertical column members spaced apart and joined at the top and at the bottom of the component by laminated horizontal members.

At least two laminated angle members are included in each component, each angle member extending from the top of the component adjacent to and attached to a vertical column member, downwards and away from the vertical column member to the bottom of the component and the column components attached to the laminated beams by bolts and steel strap connections.

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