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  • After the forms are set, spray the entire area lightly with a garden hose, then pour in the concrete.

  • After the form is filled, tamp the freshly poured concrete to compact it. Use a tamper, or put on rubber boots and walk around the poured concrete area to make sure it is compacted around the edges.

  • Small concrete areas can be compacted with a 2x4. For larger areas, you may want to rent roller tampers.

  • After the concrete in the form has been thoroughly tamped, use a straight-edged 2x4 as a screed for leveling the concrete.

  • Work the 2x4 back and forth in sawing fashion to level the concrete at all points across the form.

  • Purchase a magnesium concrete rake with an extension handle to level concrete in hard-to-reach places.

  • When the concrete has set sufficiently to support a 2x8 plank, use the plank as a straightedge to guide a groover to cut contraction joints. Contraction joints are necessary to allow hardened concrete to expand and contract in extreme temperatures.

  • On sidewalks or other narrow concrete areas, contraction joints should be cut every 4' to 6'.

  • On patios or other large concrete areas, expansion joints should be cut in each direction every 4' to 6'. Use two lengths of beveled clapboard placed in the position shown to cut these joints.

  • Drive a nail into the top of one board and paint both boards with motor oil. The boards should then be embedded in the concrete, as shown in the image to the right.

  • After the concrete begins to set, the board with the nail in the top can be removed, leaving the second board hidden. This provides an adequate contraction joint for a large expanse of concrete.




Use a straight-edged 2x4 to level the concrete.


Use a 2x8 plank as a straightedge to guide a concrete groover.


Draw the groover along the edge of a 2 x 8 to create contraction joints.







Create expansion joints on large concrete areas by using clapboard siding.

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