About Cinder block Installation

Cinder blocks may be installed just like a brick wall along the border of your home.

  • Clear the ground below your mobile home of debris. If necessary, excavate a shallow trench in the ground to clear grass and weeds from your installation area.
  • Lay down a layer of small stone gravel as the foundation for the cinder block skirting. Tamp the gravel down with a tamping tool or flat blade shovel.
  • Mix a bag of cement mortar in a wheelbarrow and apply a layer to the gravel foundation with a mortar trowel. Set the first cinder block in the mortar and tap the top to settle it into the concrete. Apply a layer of mortar to the side of the cinder block with the trowel, and then stack the next cinder block right beside it. Tap this block down with the handle of the trowel.
  • Continue to lay cinder blocks along the entire the home as you did in step 3 until you have built the first row of your skirting.
  • Begin the next row. Apply mortar to the top of the cinder block. Place a half block on top, tapping it into place with the trowel handle. Level the block with a masonry level, and then repeat until you have completed the second row. Continue to build rows up to the top of the home supports.

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