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Revit Structure 2013

The features of the new version of ArchiCAD 14 listed below:

  • Shadows in Open GL 3D View
  • Extended Options for Doors & Windows
  • Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix
  • Improved Handling of Schedules
  • Direct Import of Site-Survey Data
  • Performance Optimizations

Besides ArchiCAD, Graphisoft offers ArchiFM for facilities management and recently introduced a complete new product line for design/build firms, construction firms, engineering firms and consultants. This product set, which includes GS Constructor and GS Estimator, allows companies to perform model-based calculations for scheduling, estimating and purchasing and provides a comprehensive platform with which they can manage an entire construction project. Constructor also includes a next-generation MEP modeling environment as well as a structural modeling library.

More features

Revit? Structure software offers purpose-made BIM solution for structural design and analysis useful for structural engineering firm to design and create well-organized building structures.

In order to create effective structural analysis the software incorporates a multi material physical model and an autonomously modifiable logical model at the time of generating bidirectional links to other accepted structural analysis software.

With Revit? Structure the structural engineers can visualize a structure precisely prior to commencement of the actual construction and undertake informed decisions in the design phase beforehand. Revit Structure applies BIM solution to facilitate multidiscipline synchronization of structural design documentation and improve collaboration among project stakeholders by reducing inaccuracies.

Now Revit structure 2013 has emerged in the market with the following advanced features and functionalities.

Revit users can keep more control for dealing with central revit models with the developments of Revit Server. Local accelerators will be able to link to various hosts facilitating users to generate a distributed Revit Server network.

Revit 2013 can provide support for construction modeling by facilitating additional customization in parts. Parts will be merged, eliminated, and reinstated. Two or more parts can be combined into a single part, excludes will removes parts from the project, and finally, one can reinstate parts that was formerly excluded at any time.

Revit structure 2013 will empower the revit users? to import and export drawings to and from Bentley Microstation V7 and V8 file format. Export to DWF? and DWG? formats has been also enhanced.

The revit users will be benefitted with global industry standards as well as GSA standards because International Industry Foundation Class (IFC) version 2x3 is now certified for Revit. Open source Revit

IFC exporter is developed to cope up with emerging standards. The revit users can distribute information successfully with third-party applications towards supporting design workflows as they can recommend changes to the IFC export.

Inclusion of Revit Exchange App Store. It is a web platform facilitating the revit users to get smooth access to add-ins and other content in the Revit platform.

Revit structure 2013 contains improvements to dimensioning capabilities.  A new diameter dimension tool allows an individual segment in a multi-segment dimension chain for selection and removal. Besides, dimension instances will show the segment values, equality text, or the equality formula string.

Autodesk Subscription users will be able to avail the incorporated Autodesk 360 features, along with rendering and energy study. The users can deliver their designs to the cloud for quicker, superior quality rendering and analysis.

The users can experience better design elasticity with advancements to the analytical model for direct manipulation of floor and foundation slabs. A new Analytical Link Element is adjoined to speed us the structural analysis by relating offset columns or beams.

The Revit ? STAAD linkis now accessible for Revit Structure 2013 from Structural Integrators.

Revit Structure 2013