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What do you mean by Revit MEP Modelling in BIM?

BIM is an abbreviation for Building Information Modelling or Building Information Management. It's a highly collaborative process that enables architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers, and other building professionals to plan, design, and construct a structure or building using a single 3D model.

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a novel method to plan and document many sorts of construction projects. It's a smart digital depiction of a facility's physical and functional qualities.

MEP BIM Services

MEP or HVAC BIM Modelling services is a service that focuses on the development of a well-made data-rich well, synchronized 3D model specially made for Mechanical, Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Systems etc.

Some companies provide MEP BIM Modelling Services and specialize in the development of accurate and detailed MEP design models with an essential Level of Development (LOD), an industry standard that specifies how the 3D geometry of a building model may be refined to various degrees as per BIM execution plan.

MEP BIM services provide full modelling services ranging from shop drawings to conflict detection and resolution and construction documentation.

The properly coordinated MEP BIM Modeling services enable the exact building planning process for MEP components. Adhering to building norms, bespoke Revit mechanical/ electrical / plumbing families are produced with defined LOD (Level of Detailing 100-500). (Level of Detailing 100-500).

MEP Engineers utilize Revit MEP family criteria for improved cooperation and accurate strategic decision making. The top MEP BIM service suppliers in America, the services provided by these companies are 3D MEP models for architects, construction businesses, MEP engineers, design and construction firms, academic, institutions, residential, and healthcare industries.

MEP BIM Services

1. MEP Shop Drawing
2. MEP Fabrication Drawings
3. MEP 2D Drafting Services
4. MEP BIM Modeling Services
5. MEP Coordination Services
6. MEP Content Revit Family Creation
7. MEP Quantity takeoff and BOM
8. 4D Construction Scheduling
9. 5D Cost Estimation

Advantages of Outsourcing MEPF Designs for Construction Projects

MEP designs are crucial for the construction sector because they aid with design choices, correct documentation, cost calculation, construction management, and facility management. Outsourcing MEP services to professional Revit MEP Consultants would provide an additional value to BIM Modeling projects.

1. Quality managed aspect advent for constructing designs in BIM Implementation.

2. The established BIM method plans to adhere to standards & pointers with the required Level of Detailing (LOD).

3. Outsourcing BIM to professional modellers reduces operational price with hazard mitigated environment.

4. Experienced modellers have a higher perception of Revit version improvement and growing Revit Families.

5. Accelerates era implementation with in-residence crew for stepped forward ROI and performance in creation lifecycle.

Benefits of BIM In MEP Engineering

While delivering MEP BIM services to customers, Companies enable simple accessibility of design-related information in the MEPF Revit BIM model. The computerized coordination enables consultants and engineers to make key project-related choices with accuracy.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.


Engineers work on Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks with BIM Level of Detailing (LOD 400) for the delivery of projects in commercial, residential, medical, government buildings, hotels, and educational institutes.

3D Model Creation for MEPFP Trades & Clash Coordination (Clash Detection & Mitigation, Visualization).

Constructability Review (Model Update) to reflect changes from Design Changes, RFI Generation & As-Built Update.

Shop Drawings allow comprehensive MEP coordination services amongst mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. MEP conflict detection report & address difficulties among multiple trades.

Detailed Quantity Takeoff (QTO) including manufacturer?s reference with 5D BIM Modeling.

What do you mean by Revit MEP Modelling in BIM?