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BIM ? the innovative system in future Construction

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. Construction business needs to change the way. Construction business must adopt various types of digital processes and technology. The innovative step that construction industry has taken is BIM. BIM is a process which is 3D model based. By using BIM engineers, architects can plan, design and manage building structures more efficiently.

BIM is very complex procedure. In construction site all team input and gathers data and information and department involves in this process. Architects, engineers have built functional overview of running project by gathering information. They also can create 3D based different models.

Usage of BIM

BIM is used make different designs and document buildings. BIM can make every single detail of building. By using BIM architects also analyze design options. It helps to create visualization. Stakeholders can also understand about the building model by using BIM. BIM is also used to generate design documentation for construction.

Procedure of BIM

Plan of building ? BIM can plan project by capturing reality and real-world data to make models. natural environment can also include there.

Design ? in this section architects and engineers can analyze, design and do documentation process. this preconstruction process is possible by using BIM data.

Build the structure - by using BIM specification fabrication can be beginning. supply of project construction can be shared trades and contractors so that the construction takes much less time and efficiency.

Operate - Maintenance of finished work is carried over by BIM data. BIM data is also used to rebuild in low cost.

Importance of BIM

1. Team assistance and workflow proficiency.
2. BIM provides intellectual 3D model.
3. By using BIM architects can capture all data during process.
4. BIM can increase productivity in construction industry.
5. BIM also provides architects and engineers documents related to running projects.
6. BIM provides complete snapshot of particular project.
7. Customers satisfaction increases day by day.

Tools of BIM

A. To build designs.
B. Good framework.
C. Construction purposes.

If users use BIM then there is absolutely no need for cross checking documentations. Architects and engineers can easily give inputs in particular projects. Time of developing plan is reduced because of BIM. BIM is almost error free in history of construction. BIM can add different types of paint to walls.

By using BIM professionals can add interior features. BIM can simulate sunlight at various time. BIM is also able to analyze effect of earthquake. By making experimental plan BIM has the feature to test the structural durability. BIM also reduces extra time and cost.


1. BIM can reduce cost and increases resource saving.
2. BIM has greater skill to make 3D based models.
3. BIM is able to make short the lifecycle of particular project.
4. BIM helps to increase communication between team and collaboration.
5. By using BIM professionals can get higher quality of certain projects.
6. BIM has more options in prefabrication and modular construction.

Adoption of BIM increases higher day by day. In UK 69% of professionals use BIM in 2019 according to Statistic. BIM is good for professionals because by using BIM professionals can create, visualize, modify 3D models of building designs. design can be shown as per requirement in BIM.

BIM is able to provide digital information of every progress during work. It also increases the speed of productivity. By using BIM professionals can process various types of design and documentation at a time.

In this article we discussed about BIM, usage, procedure, importance, tools and advantages of BIM. If readers like this article please let us know about your opinion below this article.

BIM ? the innovative system in future construction
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