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BIM Level 2: Mandatory For Everyone

3D BIM models can detail every step of a building and BIM 2 describe the particular project. It also increases cooperation where all stakeholders can input their opinion and see the view of the project. the government decide to imply the BIM level2 as part of digital built Britain drive which are making improvement in building industry.

According to the strategy, construction firm has to need work towards BIM level3 in 2025. In this level every worker will have access to building information in mobile app and they will understand what they have to do.

The case of cookham and wood prison is the perfect example of BIM level 2 where a contractor was invited for proposing a redesign of the facility. For improving visibility and illumination inside the prison the contractor proposed to use reinforce glass than traditional glass. During this proposal the government of prison accepted the idea.

The Success

In the industry everybody has taken the BIM level 2 very seriously and positive. There are many firms who are using BIM2. According to the source BIM 2 saves lots of money and precious time.

Affordable: BIM level 2 use 3D based model for clash detection. BIM level 2 save lots of money by identify and solve this problem early. For example, BIM level 2 identified 360 types of issues in a specific project. According to a source BIM level 2 saved more than ?900,000 in a particular project.

Save Time: By using BIM level 2 users can save their precious time. According to the PWC having access to centralized model is very time saving option up to 70%. BIM level 2 also showed the fact that by using this software viewer of models helped the team of project very early and reduces several disruptions.

Saving of Material Thing: BIM level 2 are also capable to reduce any type of wastage from construction site. According to the PwC research one project used BIM level 2 for calculating perfectly the amount of material would be needed and after completing the calculation they didn't buy extra material. So this decision helped them to reduce a ton of wasted material.

The Survey

The adoption of BIM level 2 increased in UK over last 4 years. According to the survey of construction industry 47% thought that government took right decision for choosing BIM level 2 44% said that the government project was not successful who were using BIM level 2 and last but not the least only 4% thought that using BIM level 2 was very positive experience.

According to the 800 surveyed most of them were aware of BIM level 2. Only 1% of them were unaware about the BIM level 2.

BIM Level 3

Now most of the company prefer BIM level 2 least minimum requirement for collaborating with government project. With BIM level 3 companies will have to think about their decision and plan about the technology. Though it will be an upfront investment this must be paid dividends in the end. With the urging of UK govt. BIM level 3 will open up a new pipeline of work in the future.

Support for BIM Levels

According to the survey of Glenigan report on key performance indicators in the UK construction industry, 34% of construction-based project already run over budgets and approximately 41% projects are still delayed. By using BIM level 3 all the important problems like budget inaccuracies, design errors, scheduling conflicts and miscommunication can be prevented very well.

PlanRader allows the users for importing and using BIM models on devices like tablets, smartphones. So that any contractor can view the 3D based representation of project of users and every detail element in the model. It is very important element of BIM.

Users can keep a huge amount of data on particular material and building elements from the design. It helps to decide right thing about what the architects have selected for the projects. It also allows all the stakeholders and contractors for communicating and cooperating more easily with others. Dynamic BIM models fully support firms that are very willing to meet the requirements of BIM level 3.

BIM Level 2: Mandatory For Everyone
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