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Top Four BIM Software for 2021

It is a quite commonly known fact by now that BIM, or Building Information Modeling is not a software. Rather, it is a system that brings together the modeling and the construction of buildings. However, since BIM is driven by software, we have to take them in account. And what about BIM software you can use in the next year? We will today discuss the top four BIM software for 2021.

The technology and innovations in BIM are now fast becoming the standard for building construction industry. As a part of that, BIM software are being indispensable in structural design and overall VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), staying with the project throughout the entire lifecycle of it, not only during design.

Not only being excellent design software, a BIM software allows all project stakeholders to take part in the design and planning phase, like architects, engineers, construction managers, subcontractors ? and even the client. This level of collaboration smooths out the friction between different departments, gives everyone involved a clearer idea of the impact of their work, and vastly reduces the need to reconsideration and the chance of teamwork-related errors.

However, it isn't easy choosing the best BIM software for your needs, for the main reason that there is no specific 'standards' based around these are made. Consequently, BIM software come in all shapes and sizes, specializing in one or more fields, having this or that advanced function, etc. Therefore, it gets to be rather a chore for us to select the best BIM software for 2021.

So, without further ado, let us jump into the list of the top 4 BIM software in 2021.

1. Autodesk Revit + BIM 360

A formidable combo from Autodesk, this software pack takes care of all the building design and construction management work effortlessly throughout the project lifecycle.

There is no wonder that the name of Autodesk is so familiar with us ? they have been with the construction industry for a long, long time, and indeed, some of their products like AutoCAD forms the very backbone of some whole nationwide construction industries.

Autodesk Revit glows with the same spirit. It is useful for people in every level of the construction company ? from architects and engineers to the construction management group. The software is quite easy to use, even for non-IT basic users. The reason of that is twofold ? one, it is very much data-driven, two, the powerful graphical programming engine in the software called Dynamo.

BIM 360 is the cloud-based ecosystem where Revit lives and breathes; it is the one-stop collaborative platform for every stakeholder in the project. Its main value lies in being the central document repository and the main conflict resolution hub. When you are a large company working with quite a big project and you have way too many people working on and for the same things ? BIM 360 takes the cake.

Download Autodesk Revit + BIM 360

2. Vectorworks Architect

If you're not going to be too big, choose Vectorworks Architect. This intuitive and lightweight BIM software solution is great for solo or small teams of architects and engineers looking to bring concepts to the VDC life. It is very rewarding for those who are creative and have vision.

While the Vectorworks Architect revolved around the core designing concepts, it also has some of the best documentation and drafting capabilities in the market. The software stands out in the matters of advanced architectural design and will be a boon for design purists looking to stretch their wings.

Vectorworks Architect by itself is not much useful at being the all-in-one construction management platform. However, the developer offers other apps that in combination fills up this void. Moreover, you have freedom of choice here, using only those apps that you would need for your project.

Download Vectorworks Architect

3. Tekla Structures

Heavy construction is the playfield of Tekla Structures and here it is the king indeed. Steel and concrete fabrication in structural engineering is best done by this software and that remains quite undisputed till today. It is one of the big creations of Trimble, the owner of the 3D modeling legend, SketchUp. They kept the steel and the structural support at the core of the system called XSteel, the designing part of Tekla Structures.

Large scale industrial and infrastructure projects will benefit most from Tekla Structures. The software is efficient at designing big projects like airports, huge steel bridges, mega-malls, giant factories, Olympic stadiums and so on. Use Tekla Structures from Trimble, if you want your steelwork to be just perfect.

Download Tekla Structures

4. Graphisoft ARCHICAD

The total all-rounder in our list of BIM software 2021 is Graphisoft ARCHICAD ? the swiss army knife of all BIM solutions. It has been around for even longer than Revit, and it is used widely by architects, designers, engineers, and even urban planners, earning the trust of the AEC community by and large for all kinds of projects, of all scale.

The functional, uncluttered, and straightforward user interface is and has been a major selling point in favor of ARCHICAD since it gives you a gentle learning curve. The 3D modeling engine is capable of designing everything from simple suburb houses to entire bridges.

Furthermore, the designs created in ARCHICAD are more than just data containers, they are intuitive objects with seemingly intelligent characteristics. This happens thanks to the scripting engine in-built in the software that allows you to create your own tools, on top of its already very powerful and advanced toolset once you get to the depths.

It has been 30 years since ARCHICAD has been released. Ever since the beginning, the software's developers wanted it to be accessible and useful. But probably the best bit about this software is that it is an Open BIM software, meaning it can interact with other BIM software too. This allows for seamless data exchange between different vendor projects, and collaboration at even inter-company level, which few BIM software giants can boast of.

Download Graphisoft ARCHICAD

Top Four BIM Software for 2021