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Revit Architecture Course - One Step Towards Becoming A BIM Professional

What is Revit Architecture Course

Revit architecture is an online course. This course is used to create different kinds of conceptual design and fabrication, construction management. You can easily learn how to create different kinds of models based on the BIM concept.

Here BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. Though Charles river software developed the original software. You can also use this design software in your important projects.

In the architecture world Revit BIM is the only software that helps to build the design and analysis process.

Benefits of the course

1. Revit architecture also offers architects 3D objects.
2. It also has the benefit where you can see the definition of each and every element.
3. Revit architecture describes the whole cycle of building.
4. The course also reduces cost.
5. It takes a shorter time than other software to create design.
6. To change a single bit of model It upgrade the model every time without manual user intervention.

Detail information about the course

1. You can learn the usage of tools and commands of Autodesk Revit.
2. Easily elaborate explanation and definition of BIM,difference between CAD and BIM.
3. It also offers practical exercises like usage of Revit interface and different models based on BIM methodology.

Subject material of the course

Total course time duration is 16 hours. The topics are written below. There are 38 lessons available in the course.

1. Overview
2. Introduction to Revit
3. Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture
4. Understanding GUI
5. Revit elements,instance and type properties
6. Templates and creating keyboard shortcuts
7. Creating and editing levels and grids

8. Linking and importing CAD
9. Drawing and modifying structural elements.
10. Materials
11. Creating and modifying materials
12. Drawing and modifying basic walls
13. Doors, windows and opening
14. Drawing and modifying curtain walls
15. Floors
16. Columns
17. Components
18. Reflected ceiling plan
19. Roofs
20. Vertical circulation
21. Site design
22. Mass design
23. Annotation construction documents
24. Tags and schedules
25. Views setup
26. Sheet composition
27. Managing the project
28. Phasing,design options and groups
29. Exporting views and sheets
30. Family concepts and techniques
31. Project team collaboration
32. Visualization
33. Selection set
34. Displaced elements
35. Contract documents
36. Project location and markers
37. Linking files
38. Parametric family
39. Nested family
40. Final test

Different features

Based on the user's goal it quickly generates alternative designs. It is an open and graphical system for different designs. Users of multiple disciplines also can save and share their work. It creates a display of model information. It also allows the user to manage files. In result it reduces errors more than other software.

The most important feature is the use of phases. It helps us to understand the process of the project. Every phase represents the process like foundation, walls, structures, it also allows monthly rental.

Qualification for this course

Architect, civil engineer and interior design can apply to complete this course so that they are eligible for the job.

Outcome of learning the course

1. You can create floors and ceilings.
2. You can curtain walls and stairs.
3. Design different sites
4. Assistance
5. Family creation
6. You can understand the dimension and constraints
7. You can also place, modify,adjust and complex different types of walls.

Future goal

1. After completing the course anybody becomes a BIM professional and works with BIM technology. Those who will complete the course can work in hospitality, health care and retail sector projects.
2. They also can complete these projects within stipulated time and budgets.
3. They can provide high quality designs
4. By using the technology they use functionalities, families, design options.

Cost of Revit Architecture Course

GoPillar Academy offers this amazing course for students and professionals. The course price is in range. It is only 349 USD. but if you are an ArchDaily reader, they provide you the course within 99 USD. In this course you can get unlimited support and unlimited access.

Revit Architecture Course - One Step Towards Becoming A BIM Professional
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