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Why Use AutoCAD Layout

AutoCAD layout is very simple as well as very powerful to use. It makes setting up plot easy and besides there are various advanced features that can be used with layout. Though some drawings do not require to use layout, especially schematic drawings, yet there are various advantages of using layout that are mentioned below:


Simplify Drawings: AutoCAD layout simplifies the drawing-


  • User can always draw in full scale and it does not matter if the user has 2, 4, or 10 different scales in his sheet later. He can always draw in full scale 1:1. Even beginners can easily complete the drawing without having to think how to scale the drawing, creating different dimension styles, etc.
  • Show different area of one model. Even if the user only draws once with full scale, he can represent the model many times and can represent the drawing with several viewports, showing different area of the model. It is required at times because the model is too large for one sheet and sometimes to show it in different scales for detailed drawings. Since the user only draws in one model, he only needs to update the modelspace as the other viewports will be updated automatically and there is no need to update each drawing separately.
  • Less styles to manage. When there is need to add dimension to both drawing, users have to create two dimension styles that have different scales, so thay need to create another dimension and control the dimension value by changing the scale factor. The layout creates less confusion.
  • Easy to control the drawing scale. As the user only needs to draw in full scale, it can be arranged easily in layout. Using viewport, it is easier to explain. Users can create a viewport, select it, and change the scale using viewport scale at the right bottom of their screen. With AutoCAD scale list feature, users can see how it works in YouTube video.


One Model, Multiple Representations: With modelspace, it is like drawing manually in a paper. User can copy drawing to show each instance, when it is required to represented several times. Layout allows the user to draw one model, and represent it several times.


  • Different Drawing Orientation. Each viewport can be configured to have different angle orientation. It is easy to show a site plan with true north orientation as well as show a building plan in the site plan with different orientation.
  • Different Drawing Representation with Layer Properties per-Viewport. Users can set the layer properties for each viewport independently. They can turn on hatch layer for detailed drawing, but turn it off for larger scales and can show detailed objects for some viewports, and hide it for the others.
  • Get the Advantages of Annotation Scaling. Users can use it in model space, however, can get the benefits mostly in layout. Annotation scale allows creating one drawing and represent it in different scales with annotation, ensuring the annotation readable in different scales. And because user only creates one annotation for all scales, any changes will reflected to all of their viewports. If annotation scaling is not required, the user can annotate his drawings in layout.

Manage And Automate: As this layout can recognize the sheets, it allows users to use other features that relate to layout to manage and automate several processes.


  • Control Printing Preferences Easily. Printing preferences are very easy to set when users use layout. If the user is not familiar with setting up sheet in modelspace, they can draw in full scale and then can add a border and title block to include the drawing. They require calculating the scale in plot scale below. With layout users can simply select the paper size, and always use 1:1 full scale. Plot margin will be shown in dashed lines. They can also use page setup to quickly apply their settings. It is very easy to comprehend, even if AutoCAD is not used intensively.
  • Sheet Set Manager Advantages. Sheet set is a good tool to manage drawings in a project. Users can manage the sheets and hence they can easily access them. After getting drawing set, users can eTransmit and pack the whole project files as one zip file, ready to send along with dependent files. They can also plot them all at once with publish command. Another advantage is sheet set fields. Sheet set has it's own fields, where the user can show the sheet number, project name, and so on. Sheet list CAN also be created automatically.
  • Batch Plot. Users can plot many drawings at once with sheet set's publish. However, if they do not use sheet set, they can also use publish manually and add layouts from many layouts. They can also plot many layouts at once and even send them to different plotters. Batch plot can be used if the user sets the drawings in modelspace, but they require to create saved views, and create a page setup for each saved views.


Why Use AutoCAD Layout