How to use V-ray Material Editor to produce and edit materials in Revit

Chaos Group presents an exclusive video tutorial for the Revit users. The tutorial provides step-by-step guidelines on how to utilize the separate V-Ray Material Editor to generate and edit materials in Revit.

For more detailed information, go through the following link

The V-Ray Material Editor can be used to generate, edit, and save several materials into a .vismat or .vrmat file to be opened by other scenes.

The V-Ray Material Editor contains the following :-

Material preview A preview render that demonstrates the look of the adjusted material. As soon as a material preview is created, the preview image is reserved for future application.

Preview Updates the material preview.
Save Saves the existing material(s) to a .vismat file overwriting the files which exist beforehand.
Save As Opens a dialog to identify the position of the material(s) to be saved.
Live update If it is turned on, the material preview will automatically update each time with the modification of one of the material properties.
Save on close Automatically saves the modifications applied to the materials to a .vismat file as soon as the editor is closed.

Materials List A list of all materials in the existing .vismat or .vrmat file. It is possible to generate new materials, import materials from file, rename materials, and delete them.
Material options All the available options for the currently selected material.

How to use V-ray Material Editor to produce and edit materials in Revit