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IMSI/Design LLC ships TurboCAD LTE Pro V8 to speed up 3D drafting, 3D detailing, 3D rendering and 3D visualization process


IMSI/Design LLC launched the most updated version of its flagship product TurboCAD LTE Professional alias TurboCAD LTE Pro V8. This latest CAD program contains some advanced features which can speed up and improve drafting, detailing, rendering and visualization process. These features range from a new Conceptual Selector, superior file sharing with AutoCAD and SketchUp, better BIM (building information modeling) support and new tools for its architectural users.


V8 is compatible with Windows 10 and offers upgrdings to its productivity, usability and interoperability features.


TurboCAD LTE Pro has the similar functionality of AutoCAD LT. It applies the same UI (user interface) and command line, and it facilitates opening and saving DWG, DXF and DWF formats. Version 8 introduces DWG/DXF read/write filters for AutoCAD 2013-2015 and dynamic blocks can import as simple blocks. TurboCAD LTE Pro can also be used to import/export of SketchUp 2015 files.


TurboCAD LTE Pro V8 contains a new Conceptual Selector for controlling and revising 3D objects.


This feature can be applied to customize any visual and editing parameters like move, scale or rotate accessible in TurboCAD LTE Pro. The users get the ability to generate and manage contact lists as well as transmit files to individuals or groups from inside TurboCAD LTE Pro with new Contact Manager and File Sharing capabilities.

V8 comes with a new default option that automates the process for saving any custom-made documents users have opened while closing the application. The document then reloads while opening TurboCAD LTE Pro next time. Other productivity and usability features contain a new option to save the Undo/Redo buffer while closing a file. The buffer reloads while opening the file again.

TurboCAD LTE Pro's Drafting Palette supports solid or surface models, converting 3D designs into correlative 2D views and detailed sections with a single click, even while dealing with an Xref.


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