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Some CAD tips and tricks to create your own custom hatch

Edwin Prakoso presents an exclusive article for cad professionals. The article focuses on how one can create their own custom hatch.


Inside AutoCAD, there are default hatch patterns. But the users always require custom hatch for smooth workflow. One can download custom hatch pattern from various resources. But one can also make personalized custom hatch.


One can take help from AutoLISP program to generate simple hatch effortlessly. You can check this tutorial.


Hatch Maker: One can access this free AutoLISP program from Cadalyst. One can follow the simple process to produce a pattern graphically. After uploading the LISP program, the following two new commands will be visible.


Drawhatch: The users can apply this command to produce 11 rectangle at coordinate 0,0. Just sketch following your choice of pattern. Only lines and points can be used. The users should have to sketch new entity rather than copying object to this location and transferring it.


Savehatch: Once the making of the objects is completed, this command can be run. After you finish creating the objects, you can run this command. Choose objects inside the rectangle then save the pattern file.


But in case of a very complicated pattern, the process may not be effective. The users have to recreate it after modifying it.


Obtain pattern from an AutoCAD drawing: Suppose you obtain a drawing having custom hatch pattern inside it and you want to apply the hatch pattern, but there is no pat file. Then what will be the process for producing the pattern?


You can just capture the hatch definition and save the pattern to your local drive. There is one firm like Tee Square Graphics who can write a LISP program for creating the .pat file.


One can avail the GETPAT LISP code here. It's a raw code and prior to apply it, just save it to lisp file.


Saving and using AutoLISP program: If you are not aware about how to save and load LISP program, read how you can do it here.


Some cad tips and tricks to create your own custom hatch