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Sneak peak of AutoCAD 2016 - How it can improve your drawing

Go through the following useful videos presented by Autodesk which focus on AutoCad 2016.


The first video highlights the major improvements in AutoCAD 2016 for revision clouds, dimensions, PDF output, and lots other.


The second video reveals the improved features of AutoCAD 2016 concerning attaching coordination models, dealing with point clouds, and rendering.


AutoCAD 2016 comes with some exciting design settings and smarter toolset like Smart Dimensioning, Co-ordination Model and improved PDFs.


With Smart Dimensioning feature, the users can automate the process for making accurate measurements on the basis of drawing context. Position the cursor across the selected objects to view the dimension prior to produce it.


The users can experience spectacular visualization to view the details in the designs precisely with Line Fading feature. Readability becomes superior with perfect curves devoid of line segments. The users can get rid of undoing an operation through command preview that allows the user to get the results concerning a command prior to assign it.


The users will be able to add and view Navisworks (US site) and BIM 360 Glue (US site) models directly within AutoCAD software. Reference the Navisworks model while making design to evade possible clashes. The users can use Navisworks' vast file format support to transfer models into AutoCAD from other applications.


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Sneak peak of AutoCAD 2016