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Sefaira launches real time daylight visualization in Revit

Sefaira, the most recognized solution provider in software for high-performance building design, just introduced Sefaira for Revit for accomplishing performance-based design with real-time daylighting analysis and visualization inside Autodesk® Revit. With this newest application, the architects will be able to make early-stage performance analysis directly within Revit. Besides, they can take more up-to-date design decisions on the basis of numerous daylighting metrics.


Daylighting visualizations facilitate architects to create performance-based design decisions by visual interpretation andanalysis of daylight in various ways. Sefaira Daylighting Visualization applies industry leading daylighting analysis engines Radiance and DAYSIM to offer key metrics along with daylight levels at particular times, annual accessibility of quality daylight (alias Daylight Autonomy), annual risk of glare, and Daylight Factor. With these factors, the architects can share or exchange information to the clients easily and efficiently.

Real-time daylight and glare analysis inside Revit offers a persuasive new layer of information that impacts the design's window to wall ratio, shading strategy, and interior finishes.


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Sefaira launches real time daylight visualization in Revit