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IMAGINiT introduced Scan to BIM 2016.1 with some advanced features


BIM offers some advanced technology like large-scale 3D scanning of a building, an entire city as well as complicated architectural details. Once the scan is delivered to BIM software, if often requires to retreat the shapes manually for modeling purpose. The process is very laborious and tedious.

Point clouds are included in 3D laser scanning system. This technology is ideal for scanning large areas efficiently and in quickest possible time. But in order to convert them into accessible information, specialized software is essential.

Scan to BIM for Revit is such kind of software that generates native Revit geometry out of a point cloud to identify and assign several architectural elements like walls and columns to pipes and ductwork.


IMAGINiT develops Scan to BIM and the latest version is Scan to BIM 2016.1. This new version contains some advanced features which are described below :-

The first new feature is known as Create Mesh that facilitates the users to model complicated details like elaborate steeples as well as gargoyles smoothly. Besides, the users can also produce custom families and native Revit geometry out of these details.


Go through the following video for its functionalities :-


Create Mesh can streamline the process for remodeling, renovation and even historic preservation projects.


The another exciting feature is Auto-Find Walls that facilitates the users to explore with millions of points, lots of which symbolize single walls. With parameters like least height and width, it can generate a set of discovered walls and transform them into Revit elements. It also make differentiation amid other surfaces like floors and ceilings.


Go through the following video to get a live demonstration :- The users can avail a 21-day trial version that supports Revit 2014, 2015 or 2016.


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Put Point Clouds to Work in Revit with Scan to BIM