RTV Xporter for Revit can automate your BIM process

With RTV Xporter for Autodesk Revit, the users will be able to export and print drawing sheets and views in Autodesk Revit automatically. RTV Xporter contains user-friendly interface to instantly look over, explore and filter Revit drawing sheets and views. Besides, the users can generate PDFs, DWG, DWF, DWFx, DXF and IFC files automatically. With RTV Xporterís in-built parametric file naming engine, it is possible to automatically saves the exported files to fit any companyís or project teamís file naming conventions conveniently. RTV Xporter also provide support for batch printing to two separate printers concurrently to facilitate the project teams to have sufficient time for designing and coordinating their BIM projects. RTV Xporter is specifically designed for Architects, Interiors Designers, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Visualization Artists who use Autodesk Revit.

The PRO version of the RTV Xporter product facilitates the users to generate and carry out ignored scheduled tasks and batch processes in Autodesk Revit.

The PRO version can scan current Autodesk Revit projects for 2D Drafting Views and automatically remove and save them as separate Revit files, facilitating the users to mine data and content for your BIM projects without any difficulty.

With PRO version, the users can automatically name their exported digital files on the basis of parameters drawn out from their Revit project, along with shared and project parameters linked with Revit Views or Sheets. It will facilitate the users to 'set and forget' the projects file naming syntax while generating any digital documentation.

Batch print large format and abridged hardcopies to two individual printers at the same time.

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RTV Xporter for Revit can automate your BIM process