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Revit users must follow these tricks to improve their project performance


To successfully execute any Revit projects, the Revit users should optimize the file size so that speed is increased significantly. BIM modelers find it difficult to enhance the performance of a Revit project as there are lots of linked files which can reduce the speed of the software. So the Revit users should be well versed with the technicalities for improving the performance of the software.


Given below some useful tricks to improve the productivity of the Revit fiels :-


  • If any performance issue occurs at the time of accomplishing modeling project, the Revit users can just divide a enormous model into several inter-related files to enhance the performance of the project. By following this method, links prevail unloaded as soon as the users perform one such file.
  • In order to make performance superior, the Revit users can eliminate non-essential objects from the project. But in this case, the Revit users must be very attentive as they cannot regain eliminated objects. To get rid of this issue, it is advisable to maintain a backup of the project prior to eliminate objects and files from the project.
  • If any unnecessary design options exist in the project, the Revit users should remove them as well as efficiently update the design options in the primary model.
  • The raster images can contribute expanding the file size to a great extent and hence it is recommended to remove all unwanted raster images for improving project performance.
  • Revit users must be aware of importing a bigger raster image as it generally preserves its actual size although it is scaled to accommodate the requisite place.
  • Revit users should have the capability to identify all the disused groups and remove them instantly. In order to do that, the Revit users must apply delete command in place of purging them.
  • All the unused groups must be removed from the project browser.
  • Besides, the users should keep consistency in evaluating warnings that are exposed by Revit, for improving performance.


Revit users must follow these tricks to improve their project performance
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