Autodesk introduces Revit Live 1.8 for Revit LT 2018 Users

Revit Live visualization and experience software service is upgraded with the introduction of Revit Live 1.8. With this newest version, Revit Live is combined with the Revit BIM authoring platform with a simple mouse click.

Revit Live 1.8 allows you to visualize inside buildings before the designs are settled or developed.

The general architects donít possess the software knowledge to generate high-end 3D visualizations. Besides, they often donít contain the bandwidth early enough to skill-up to obtain these workflows. Revit Live provides a great solution to both of these issues.

Inside Autodesk Revit 2018, a single button drives the BIM model up to the Revit Live cloud where it is prepared for viewing. Revit Live 1.8 now facilitates the user to notify the cloud server to make optimal use of the model for either improved visualization presence or superior performance. It can also examine your hardware and makes a recommendation.

With Version 1.8, the user gets the ability to form their audienceís experience by customizing their navigation via the model. The user can arrange navigation points, rendering style, and time of day. At that point, it is possible to either present the interactional visualization directly from Revit with Live 1.8 or share the VR experience through Autodesk free Live Viewer.

Now with version 1.8, Revit Live service now supports both Revit and Revit 2018.

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Autodesk introduces Revit Live 1.8 for Revit LT 2018 Users