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Compute energy & BOM values in Revit & ArchiCAD with BIMobject Mosquito Wall Systems Cloud App

BIMobject® introduced new BIMobject Mosquito Wall Systems Cloud App to automate & accelerate the formation of construction solutions for walls.


The BIMobject Mosquito Wall Systems applies all existing building materials distributed in the BIMobject Cloud to generate the blending of materials into a wall system. So a wall system configuration is formed through application of building materials from various brands, and integrating it with generic materials.

The new Mosquito Wall Systems can help to create a complete series of construction solutions toward building material manufacturers. The manufacturers will get the ability for automation & formation of complete solution catalogues to be instantly allocated to the whole BIMobject community comprising over 125,000 professional users.

With a collaborative 3D view and simplified product administration, organizing construction solutions into the cloud is performed rapidly. The Mosquito technology produces wall systems and the Revit and ArchiCAD users can use it directly. So the BIM objects can be downloaded easily and utilized in the complete project. Each wall system is assigned with extensive properties like fire resistance, mass, sound transmission class as well as R- and U-values. The BIMobject Mosquito Wall Systems will automate the process for producing the BIM object. With the External databases, the properties of these construction solutions can be preserved and these are imported for automatically generating numerous configurations on the BIMobject Cloud.

The wall system is a crucial part concerning a design intent model in the BIM process and its properties are very useful to work out energy and bill of material values in Revit and ArchiCAD.


BOM values in Revit & ArchiCAD with BIMobject
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