Revit 2018 – Introduction to new features

Revit 2018 is supported with new features and functionality. Revit 2018 is the latest advancement of Revit for multidiscipline BIM. This newest version contains advanced productivity tools useful for constant, coordinated, and complete modeling for architects, MEP and structural engineers and detailers, and construction contractors.

With Revit 2018, the designers and engineers can produce perfect design intent models and the detailers can develop models to a superior level of fidelity toward the purpose of fabrication and installation.

Revit 2018 is evolved to be the part and parcel of a foundational BIM portfolio that provides support to the significant design disciplines of architecture, MEP, and structure, and the key material trades with MEP, steel, and concrete. It allows the designers, the trades, and contractors to model by maintaining superior levels of detail that can accelerate the fabrication process perfectly.

We want you to focus on design rather than on the software, Revit 2018 helps you capture your design intent with productivity improvements that automate workflows and simplify painful multi-step processes.

Given below, some of the new or improved features:

• The Dynamo Player, launched with Revit 2017.1, is now included with Revit 2018, presenting a utility that runs scripts developed in the Dynamo graphical programming interface so that the users get the ability to run scripts easily to improve and spread Revit model behavior. This tool allows everyone to rip the benefit of Dynamo’s visual scripting devoid of any expert knowledge.

• Revit 2018 outspreads the strength of global parameters, which allow to drive in design intent in a model as well as employ radial and diameter dimensions and equality constraints.

• The new coordination model connecting facilitates the users to apply a Navisworks file as an underlay in Revit, simplifying the process to correlate with outside teams that might not be operating in Revit.

To be familiar with more advanced features, go through the following link

Revit 2018 – Introduction to new features