Revit 2018 provides huge benefits for MEP and Structural Engineers

Autodesk has upgraded its latest version of Revit with the addition of various new features with the intension of enhancing the collaborative nature of its flagship building information modeling (BIM) platform.

Revit 2018 contains various new improved features which provide huge benefits to the architects, MEP engineers and structural engineers.

Structural engineers will be able to obtain new tools and upgraded features useful for applying with steel connections and elements which can reduce errors and sustain the accurateness concerning estimates and detailing.

Revit 2018 includes more than 100 new connections for steel modeling through the Steel Connections for Revit add-in and allows the users to arrange them among beams, bracings and columns with the help of custom, user-defined families.

The engineers will be capable of containing various steel connections and details in their BIM models of steel frames as well as render these models fabrication-ready with the use of Autodesk Advance Steel to automate the steel detailing process.

Structural engineers can also reap the benefit of arranging rebar in concrete elements that comprise of odd shapes or complicated geometry.

So, the engineers will get the ability to add rebar efficiently into any progressive or difficult concrete projects like buildings with exceptional architectural designs or piers and decks with curvilinear profiles.

With regards to MEP design, Revit 2018 applies routing skills to optimize the fabrication modeling and offers more detailed modeling of sloping pipes.

Significant enhancements are also made to building mechanical design features to improve building efficiency and afford users with outdoor air settings for various building types and user-definable spaces with the purpose of evaluating early-stage energy requirements.

With regard to hydronic system capabilities, Revit 2018ís closed-loop hydronic piping analysis employs a new engine for superior model editing and performance with the help of calculating in background processes.

Electrical design becomes simpler with the new editing functions for circuits to study voltage drops and analytical design data perfectly.

Another significant feature of Revit 2018 is the addition of the Dynamo graphical programming interface, that will facilitate the users to produce video with scripts with the use of a visual language, enhanced coordination and compatibility through extra support for SAT and Rhino file imports as well as the capability to use Navisworks files as underlays in Revit for model linking.

Revit 2018 provides huge benefits for MEP and Structural Engineers
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