New updates to Revit 2017.1

New multi-disciplinary improvements are included in Revit 2017.1 version which range from latest Dynamo Player to enhance the application of visual scripting tool for the users within Revit.

Inclusion of Dynamo Player is the most crucial feature in the version 2017.1. The users can connect Dynamo Player to a folder that keeps Dynamo scripts.

It is also possible to apply a Dynamo script to modify the font type over all title blocks to tally an office standard. With this newest update, the users will be able to script more powerful applications in Dynamo.

Revit 2017.1 is compatible with 4k monitors. This feature will be useful for the users who use Apple’s 5k iMac machines to run Revit in Boot Camp or in virtualized Windows surroundings.

With Revit 2017.1, it becomes possible to import 3D model geometry data with high utility and fidelity. Now imported 3d geometry (alias importing 3D Shapes) can deal with intelligence. As for instance :

• Rhinoceros 3DM files — These files are very useful for architecture firms to perform advanced shapes and avant-garde designs. Rhino files are available in Revit and take on behaviors allocated to Revit categories (support for import into Projects and Families).

• SAT files (the format of ACIS, a 3D modeling technique by Dassault Systèmes, Spatial Corporation) —this geometry can also take on behaviors allotted to Revit categories.

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New updates to Revit 2017.1
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