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How Revit 2016 offers huge benefits to Structural Rebar Detailers


Revit 2016 is very useful for managing and operating of reinforcement elements in 3D environment.

Revit 2016 contains various tools for reinforcement modeling, detailing & scheduling. It facilitates the structural rebar detailers to automate some of the time-consuming process with the 3d database of Revit. These may include formation of bending schedules, annotation of rebar detailing drawings, illustration of complex details through 3D views etc.

Given below some of the exclusive features of Revit 2016 :-


Rebar Numbers & Partitions: This feature facilitates the structural rebar detailer to specify a common guideline for reinforcing elements inside a specific construction sequence.


Object Styles - Rebar Subcategories: This feature helps in subcategorizing the reinforcing. Earlier, the users applied filters to visually make differentiation amid rebar types, but with Revit 2016, it becomes possible to allocate subcategory parameter to specific rebar type and arrange visibility styles for those ones in the Object Styles dialog.


Rebar Moeling & Detailing: With Revit 2016, the structural rebar detailer can easily produce reinforcement plans and details as well as illustrate modelled geometry in 3D alongside with annotation of those elements.


Multi-Rebar Annotation: With multi-rebar annotations (at Annotation tab) feature, the rebar detailing workflow becomes superior. Besides, it becomes possible to set dimension amid bars and concurrently put barmarks related to these elements.


Rebar Presentation: Revit 2016 offers a graphical appearance of rebar sets. By applying it, the Rebar Detailers can display only specific bars of a set. It is ideal for slab or foundation reinforcing plans.


Go through the following instructional video presented by Vong Sokun.


How Revit 2016 offers huge benefits to Structural Rebar Detailers