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Revit 2015 R2 Dimension API Demonstration


These are some of the main themes addressed by this release of the Revit product. You will recognise them from previous years as well:


  • Construction - Modeling and detailing solutions for construction and fabrication
  • Analysis + Simulation - Predicting building performance and behavior
  • Scalability - Supporting projects and teams of any size and complexity
  • Interoperability - Leveraging the Autodesk portfolio and industry standards
  • Productivity - Providing increased value for existing customers


These product themes obviously strongly influence the API development as well.


Now we turn to the main two aspects of interest to application developers: application porting, discussing changes affecting existing applications, and the exciting area of all the new API features added in this release.


New Features + API: Here are the opportunities for new automation and customization, lots of potential for improvements to existing add-ins. The trend to 'eating our own dog food' is continued...


Scalability Graphics Consolidation:


  • Optimized graphics for repeated materials
  • Similar Elements drawn together
  • Increased View drawing performance
  • Graphics is a rich field for performance improvement and hundreds of tests are run constantly.


Scalability|Performance Improvements:


  • Optimized family handling in memory
  • Improved geometry handling
  • Regeneration optimizations Note that individual developers are named in the images presented here. The long-term family separation project is included in this release, so model open and workset test are slowed down. One long-term target is to provide multi-processor support for regeneration.


Productivity | Sketchy Lines: New visualizations in standard Views. Modify Sketchy Lines visibility in Views using the View methods GetSketchyLines and SetSketchyLines. Jitter etc. is adjustable.


Revit 2015 R2 Dimension API Demonstration