How to model reinforced concrete structures in Revit 2017

This is a useful Revit video tutorial that demonstrates how to use Revit 2017 for modeling of reinforced concrete structures.

Revit 2017 is ideal for structural engineers as it can produce superior level of details for reinforcement modeling and documentation.

Revit 2017 contains the useful features called Reinforcement connectors and these are family-based and fully customizable, and can meet the needs of each team member. Rebar connectors combine with the rebar that they are connected with, facilitating change management.

Structural engineers apply schematic connectors to explain their needs. Detailers use them to generate shop drawings. Manufacturers can check the complete detail, accurately modeling and representing reinforcement connectors to produce installation instructions. It is possible to include the connectors to groups, assemblies, and partitions with distinctive coupler numbering, and export them to different formats.

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How to model reinforced concrete structures in Revit 2017
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