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Preparing Views for Competition Boards in Revit


In this set of tutorials we'll learn the way to create quite some views which will assist you exemplify the intent of your abstract and theoretical styles.


We'll begin by slivering a model into some perpendicular items so as to interrupt up the model into its main parts. Next we'll be continuous exploding views and enlarge our building parts each upright and flat ligature them back to their actual position with line ways.


Once we're comfy with making exploded reads we'll flip our attention to the positioning and make a view displaying the sun's path and the way it'll agree on the direction of our building on the positioning.


Once we've set our views we'll then bring all pictures onto a sheet wherever we will then discover completely different layouts for our conception boards.


With these tools and fast tips you will be ready to prepare pictures which will assist you exemplify your style intent with ease.


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Preparing Views for Competition Boards in Revit
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