FARO® launches PointSense 18.0 Suite toward Construction and Architecture

FARO®, the leading solution provider in 3D measurement and imaging for factory metrology, construction BIM/CIM, product design, public safety forensics, and 3D solutions, just introduced the FARO PointSense 18.0 software suite.

This newest software can be incorporated with the most updated 2018 AutoCAD® and Revit® design tools. The software provides a wide array of benefits like a superior user experience, greater software handling and higher efficiency in processing software data.

The suite comprises of the following :

• PointSense basic/Pro for AutoCAD® • PointSense Building for AutoCAD® • PointSense Heritage for AutoCAD® • PointSense Plant for AutoCAD® • PointSense for Revit®

The cost-effective software supports a wide array of Autodesk architecture, engineering, construction and surveying products.

Constant Consolidation and Improved User Experience: PointSense 18.0 is designed for "ready to go". It offers the similar high value, valuable use features and functionality with which savvy AutoCAD® and Revit® users are already accustomed. The inclusion of a new, bit by bit guidance screen ensures that the users who have little knowledge can get experienced quickly and make their workflow better.

Improved Confidence in Accuracy: PointSense 18.0 for Revit® is the most convenient platform to integrate Levels of Accuracy as determined USBID (U.S. Institute of Building Documentation) standards. This superior analysis tool facilitates the users to authenticate the correctness of the as-built model efficiently with reference to the related point cloud, i.e. the set of data points procured by a 3D laser scanner.

Workflow Improvememnt: The upgrading in scan navigation functionality was determined with direct user feedback, supports better efficiency and ensures that the user can obtain the result more rapidly. With some simple mouse clicks, the users will be able to transit from one scan perspective to another within a specified point cloud.

FARO launches PointSense 18.0 Suite toward Construction and Architecture
To get more information, visit: us.faro3dsoftware.com