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Make your 3d modeling and reporting process smarter with PDF3D v2.10 and PDF3D ReportGen

PDF3D v2.10 is just launched with some superior styling options to facilitate engineers to customize 3D modeling and reporting in a better way. The PDF3D ReportGen release matches with a crucial update of the PDF3D development toolkit.


From geospatial to engineering and manufacturing, the company has continuously pushed new boundaries in what is possible with the conversion of data from CAD, Point Cloud, ParaView, COMSOL, FBX and many more formats into the universally accessible 3D PDF files. PDF3D v2.10 will facilitate the users to convert the data from CAD, Point Cloud, ParaView, COMSOL, FBX and several formats into the commonly accessible 3D PDF files and make the 3D PDF conversion process simplified and easy.

Some significant features like complete progressive sequence animation integrated with enhancements to handle font styles, watermarks, colors and transparency which allow users to relate & present 3D in superior and comprehensive ways. The custom layer ordering and scripting is accompanied with menus accessible in 12 languages.


In the latest versions of both PDF3D-ReportGen and SDK, there will be greater flexibility in customizing any 3D reports in PDF. The new improved features like addition of simplified 3D JavaScript for writing the customized themes to draping lines and polygon coverage shapes above terrain models without requiring grid files for those dealing with civil engineering data.

Custom DWG camera views, scrollable parts lists and many other visual presentation features are included to improve the way the models are viewed and presented.


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