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Octane Render for Revit 2015


Octane Render is world first GPU based and un-biased physically based render. It generally uses the video card in the PC to render photorealistic result in sharpest way. This permits the customer to make stunning works in a part of the time of traditional CPU based renderers.


Octanerender is wholly GPU accelerated and renders imagery at acute speeds, up to 50x quicker than CPU based unbiased renderers. Thanks to its instinctive workflow, Octanerender is extremely simple to use even if customer don't have any past rendering knowledge.

The real-time 3D scene editing permits the consumer to alter camera viewpoints, lights, materials and object positions, seeing the transformation right away update the viewport providing a very fun, fast and easy rendering knowledge. Speed, Quality, Material and Lighting are the main things of Octane.


Speed: Octane Render uses the unused muscle of the modern GPU match up to the traditional, CPU based engines. With the current GPU technology, Octane Render can create final images 10 to 50 times faster than CPU impartial render engines, or even more with multiple GPUs.


Quality and Flexibility: Octane Render not only gives unbelievable speed, but does so with unbending quality. The Browsing of website gallery and user forums without difficulties made it demonstrating the fact.

Material and Lighting: Materials can create or break a render. Octane Render permits wheeling over materials and with its real-time engine takes the guesswork out of tweaking materials. The modification can be seen right away. Just as in photography, the lighting of the scene is vital. It is using an HDRI file, mesh emitters, IES files, or a sun/sky system, lighting in Octane Render permits for whole control.



Revit Octane render 2015 can be understand by this video well:



Octane Render for Revit 2015