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The newest CIC BIM Standards for Hong Kong

InteliBuild formulates and publishes newest CIC BIM Standards in association with The Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC), Task Group on Establishment of Industry Standard for BIM Implementation.


The BIM standards approach some significant issues which are creating barriers to implement BIM in Hong Kong.


The CIC BIM Standards are developed on the basis of the existing BIM standards of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA), MTR Corporation Limited (MTRC) and Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM).


The Standards are written following the best regional and international standards and practices along with PAS 1192, BCA Singapore BIM Guide and the BIM Forum LOD Specification.


Client Leadership: The CIC BIM Standards are adopted to facilitate the client to identify, control and evaluate BIM deliverables with architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors. The CIC BIM Standards is developed on the basis of the planning, execution, management and examination concerning the application of BIM on a project which necessitate client direction, involvement and leadership. In order to implement BIM on a project, it will also need design consultant and contractor collaboration.


How Architects and Engineers embrace BIM: Building Information Modelling is a useful method for developing and controlling building data throughout its design, construction and operations. The BIM method requires that architects and engineers employ BIM software for designing any projects.

The successful implementation of BIM completely depends on proper BIM training. It is essential that the architects and engineers should undergo proper training on how to employ BIM procedures and tools to develop their design drawings in-house.


BIM Project Execution Plan and Professional BIM Manager: The CIC BIM Standards are adopted for the purpose of outlining the scope of work associated with BIM, the liabilities of the project participants and the deliverables from the BIM process by employing a BIM Project Execution Plan. If a client does not contain sufficient knowledge for identifying or managing the application of BIM, a BIM Manager can be employed to deal with the employers needs as well as a BIM Project Execution Plan (BIM PXP or BEP).

The BIM PXP should plan the broad vision for the project and offer execution details for the consultants and contractors to maintain all through the project. The BIM PXP must be formulated at the initial stage of the project and upgraded during the project when design team members, contractors and sub-contractors are selected.


The client must assign a professional BIM Manager to guide and support the BIM process. The BIM Manager belongs to an architect, engineer, surveyor or contractor or a certified independent professional BIM Manager with appropriate practical construction knowledge and design coordination experience.



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