MagiCAD v2016.11 for Revit, AutoCAD

The most updated version of MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD alias version 2016.11 is just launched to make the MEP Design Process more superior. The productivity workflows are significantly improved with this new version. MagiCAD provides a wide-ranging and innovative solution toward all ventilation, piping and electrical Building Information Modelling, design and calculations requirements. MagiCAD 2016.11 is compatible with Revit 2017-2016 and AutoCAD 2017-2013.

With MagiCAD 2016.11 for Revit, the users can get a complete calculation solution on MEP work through Revit platform. The users will be able to execute all the calculations through MagiCAD on native Revit families. The new version comprehensively combines with native Revit units of measurement, improves drawing legends for quantity take-off documents and bills of materials, and offers easy functions for tracing probable errors and failed objects in the model once IFC export is completed.

Besides, MagiCAD2016.11 for Revit presents various intelligent new tools and enhancements for ventilation, piping and electrical design, together with substations and wall boxes as new product types. Significant enhancements like system performance, capabilities for DXF export and support for assembled supports and hangers are included in MagiCAD 2016.11 for Revit toward the design of support and hanger systems for ducts, pipes and cable trays.

Various complicated data processing tasks and project export methods become automatic in MagiCAD 2016.11 for AutoCAD. There are some exciting and new features like a Quick-Start Project Setup Wizard for simple and rapid setup of projects with localized settings, constant update of all model drawings all together, Find & Replace functions for all textual parameters, along with exporting projects to IFC format in batches via automated functions. Besides, MagiCAD 2016.11 for AutoCAD provides new tools, measurements and enhancements for ventilation, piping, electrical and systems design.

MagiCAD optimizes MEP design with the use of Europe’s biggest product model database that includes more than one million actual products and product variants from 220 leading manufacturers all over the globe. Each model inside the database contains precise dimensions and wide-ranging technical data.

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MagiCAD v2016.11 for Revit, AutoCAD