Demo of Lumion Plugin For Revit

This Revit video tutorial demonstrates LiveSync feature available in Lumion Plugin for Revit to view the modifications already made in Revit in Lumion.

This plugin is compatible with RevitŪ 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

With the Lumion plugin for Revit, the users can view their Revit model in real-time in Lumion, along with export a Collada (.DAE) file from Revit and load (or reload) it coherently into Lumion.

Exporter: With exporter it is possible to export a Collada file from RevitŪ. This file is loaded directly into Lumion. While making any modification in RevitŪ, it is required to save a new file and click the reload button in Lumion.

Lumion LiveSyncŪ: It facilitates a real-time superior quality 3D view of your RevitŪ design. The plugin for RevitŪ generates a live connection with Lumion, in order that all modifications in RevitŪ can be shown in real-time in Lumion.

Live synchronization can accelerate the speed of work, for instance in the initial phase of design, when repeated adjustments are made to your RevitŪ model.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

To run the plugin, you should require a Lumion (7.3 and above) license.

To download, click on the following link

Demo of Lumion Plugin For Revit