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Live video streaming of Revit 2016 and its new features

IMAGINiT Technologies presents a short video tutorial analyzing the new features in Autodesk Revit 2016. With Revit 2016, the users can experience improved productivity, software performance and effectiveness.


Some new advance features like Navigation during Redraw, automatically linked views in PDF exports, Work in perspective views, MEP Fabrication Detailing, Reinforcement Detailing, Linking with Steel Detailing are included in Revit 2016.


Other crucial enhancements are :-


  • Reveal Constraints.
  • An improved rendering engine.
  • The capability of filtering subject to blank field.
  • 3d selection box.
  • Modify your background color to any color.
  • Significant updation to revision capabilities.
  • Search capabilities in the project browser and properties palettes.
  • The capacity to navigate while the view is refreshing.


Architects can experience a better workflow with superior energy analysis tools like combine building element and mass mode analysis simultaneously. Features from Vasari are integrated to Revit indigenously or through supplementary plugins.


Structural engineers will superior workflow with improved reinforcing.

MEP engineers will get a new workflow with the integration of Fabrication modeling within Revit by applying the similar configurations as Fab CADMEP. Besides, there will be a new set of schedules, filters, splits, hangers, and show disconnect options.


Go through the following video for a instant preview.



Live video streaming of Revit 2016 and its new features