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How to use isometric dimension and text in an isometric drawing


Go through the following CAD tutorial demonstrated by Jaiprakash, the leading CAD Corporate trainer and designer who currently associated with Ramboll.


The tutorial will teach you how to use AutoCAD based isometric dimension and text in an isometric drawing.


The isometric drawings are very useful for plant industry and with AutoCAD, it becomes easier to create the drawing. Isometric drawing does not refer to a 3D drawing but it is a 2D drawing created by modifying the orientation of drawing. It can be performed with the use of snap and afterwards modifying its style to isometric.


In the latest AutoCAD version, there is a ISODRAFT option. If AutoCAD 2015, the option is available in drafting settings, AutoCAD status bar. It will facilitate the users to instantly switch to isometric drafting mode.


isometric text and dimension in autocad