Transform your 3d modeling & 3d design process to the next level with Intuos 3D tablet

Wacom, a leading developer of high-tech interactive pen tablets, has recently released Intuos 3D tablet to streamline the 3d modeling and 3d design process. This 3d tool is developed in collaboration with the most recognized 3D design and 3D printing companies like Pixologic, Shapeways, and Sketchfab.

Intuos 3D stands for an interactive tablet that supports PC or Mac computers to generate 3d printable 3d models without any difficulty. This newest 3d modeling program provides a comprehensive 3D solution for the designers and makers to access various software and tools essential for 3D designing. To apply it, just plug in your tablet through USB, install the driver from the web, and register your product. It will only cost $199.95.

The tablet and pen work consistently with Pixologic’s ZBrushCore software, a 3D design program recognized by various top film and game studios. The Intuous 3D pen is battery-free, cordless, and pressure-sensitive and it functions with ZBrushCore to simulate the feel and feedback of authentic drawing and design tools like brushes, markers, or even ceramic tools.

The Intuos 3D tablet is supplied with an incorporated on-demand 3D printing option via Shapeways, and it can smoothly upload all the 3D models onto Sketchfab’s online 3D model-sharing platform. The users of Intuos 3D can obtain a downloadable version of Pixologic’s ZBrushCore software together with a number of special offers and deals from Shapeways and Sketchfab.

The innovative 3D design tool can be purchased via a number of retailers (including Amazon and the Wacom eStore) by late October.

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Transform your 3d modeling & 3d design process to the next level with Intuos 3D tablet
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