Datakit recently launches IFC Format Reader for BIM

Datakit, a trusted name in CAD data exchange, introduces its newest interface known as IFC format reader for BIM. It belongs to a library to read the IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes), the standard exchange format for BIM (building information modeling).

By launching it, Datakit removes the hurdles between BIM and CAD worlds. The CAD users often need to deal with IFC files generating from BIM applications (like Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, SketchUp, Vectorworks), but unable to run them because their CAD software fails to read them. With the inclusion of an IFC format reader to the seperate converter CrossManager, the users will be capable of transforming .ifc and .ifcxml files in the various CAD formats to write. Once the conversion process is completed, these files will be opened in most CAD software or viewers.

Software vendors can also use this type of interface to facilitate their users with interoperability via IFC format.

This can be made possible with CrossCad/Ware: a SDK that is incorporated in a third-party software. With the integration of CrossCad/Ware in their own application, software vendors can get access to IFC format data. They will be able to read geometrical data together with model tree and metadata retained in this format. The API integration is informal and is consistent for end users.

This tool is designed for the BIM software vendors, as their users want that the software has the capability to read the standard format of their field. But it is also useful for all other fields’ software vendors who want that their users will be capable of importing BIM data.

To apply the process for IFC files conversion with CrossManager, or to gather more information about the software integration possibilities, visit

Datakit recently launches IFC Format Reader for BIM
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