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How Turner Construction applied BIM and Lean construction method to successfully completed the Sibley Memorial Hospital project in Washington

Senior leaders of Turner Construction, an international construction services company from North America, had successfully implemented BIM and lean construction systems in Sibley Memorial Hospital project in Washington, DC that saved huge & significant times in construction scheduling.


The team of Turner Construction who worked in Sibley Memorial Hospital project Sibley, applied BIM to design and pre-fabricate modular corridor rack systems to assembly the mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements for individual floor of the hospital.


The project team members modeled 157, 20-foot racks through BIM as well as constructed and accumulated off-site and supplied for placement.


By incorporating lean practices with the modeling software, the project team members were able to perfectly execute works like assembling ductwork, cabling and piping early on, at just about the same time when construction excavation commenced.


For setting up the rack systems, the original schedule extended four to five weeks for each floor. But here, the project team members got benefitted with the modularized racks, to finish each floor in four to five days.


The complete workflow was greatly improved with the superior communication and collaboration process. Building Information Modeling together with Lean practices had facilitated to make the individual building progression superior which brought complete efficiency and the schedule was boosted up by two months.

It has also delivered enhancements in authentic commitments from subcontractors facilitating more organized planning for the project. The prefabrication of corridor racks and patient room headwall units quickened the interior fit out work immediately the concrete re-shores were eliminated.


How Turner Construction applied BIM
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