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How Dubai based Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has applied BIM for managing all asset informations efficiently

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, UAE has introduced an innovative building information modeling (BIM) system through which the owner will get the ability to handle the assets information in a detailed way from the initial design phase.


BIM is considered as a handy tool for the managing, mobilizing and distributing any engineering information amid the owner, architects, engineers, developers, contractors, manufacturers and maintenance officials in a bespoke situation to make sure that the power wastage is reduced significantly.


This project provides a great platform for extending the scope of modeling the information of RTA's facilities focusing on all construction projects with regard to its infrastructure like service stations, operational offices, road networks and rail systems.


The BIM is one of the vital processes all through the region as well as globe as it involves a wide array of infrastructural projects under the possession of the RTA and incorporates them into a single platform.


BIM consists of a sequence of methods heading for producing, saving, and following modifications as well as recovering information concerning a construction project throughout the project's lifecycle from the initial conceptual stage to the scrapping or demolition, all under one platform for all engineering specialties vital for the project.

So BIM is developed automatically via a single platform preliminary from the developer and involve the consultant and the contractor unless it is delivered and controlled by the personnel associated with the Asset Management Department liable for complementing the project throughout the ending of its duration.


How Dubai based Roads and Transport Authority
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