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How BIM can monitor the condition of infrastructure like bridge


Besides, streamlining the design and coordination process of complicated building projects, BIM can be also applied by engineers for preserving the condition of essential portions of infrastructure like bridges in a superior way.


BIM can generate a 3D model of the realistic bridge structures with proper detail on the basis of data accumulated through on-site examinations. BIM can be used to facilitate the data jumbling of numerous components and portions of a bridge which are integrated into single, comprehensible simulation, greatly speeding up the scrutinizing procedures for transportation officials and inspectors.


The bridge inspector produce huge database throughout the year specifically for complicated steel bridge and it becomes very difficult for them to monitor the health of small, individual, structural vital pieces of each bridge. With BIM the bridge inspector can get rid of this time consuming process.


The bridge inventory management will be improved to a great extent as BIM will easily integrate multiple-aspect data into a 3D model. With the generated 3D bridge model, the users can easily avail all the crucial information concerning bridge conditions in diversified formats just clicking on a particular component inside the visual simulation.


By accessing the data in a superior way, the transportation officials can undertake important decisions relating to the repair, replacement, permitting and load-rating of bridges.


By using the 3D model, the bridge inspector can integrate and view real-time data on bridge conditions, which are gathered through sensor networks that have been set up upon the structure itself. If 3D modeling is amalgamated with remote sensing, it can provide a great impact on today's management of infrastructure inventories.




How BIM can monitor the condition of infrastructure like bridge