How UHS Henderson Hospital project completed successfully with BIM

BIM was implemented in UHS Henderson Hospital project to assign best time for design to fulfill the customer expectation devoid of curtailing the scheduled time allocated for the jobsite to finish the construction.

The engineers and detailers co-operated throughout the design process to generate design deliverables and shop drawings from the similar 3D-BIM model.

To execute the task, the project team generated a construction-level model devoid of slowing the schedule of the design. Superior quality documents with all engineering and construction information were created devoid of making the documents complicated with enormous finely detail.

Given below the detailed descriptions of the process:.

1. Engineers collaborated with the designers to produce initial drawings and sketches which were applied to organize the final model. As the engineers were drafting a very low level of detail (LOD 100), they can easily respond to the modifications of design as well as fulfill the satisfaction of the customers. Furthermore, as the detailers were outlining the systems throughout design rather than after, they can easily raise queries and obtain solutions previously devoid of the requirement of a request-for-information process. They can also accomplish most of the coordination prior to clash detection started.

2. Various field general foremen performed the modeling for the shop drawings prior to assemble them on jobsite. At the time of issuing Construction (IFC) sheets, foremen already recognized the job and didnít have to spend prolonged time for solving issues associated with the project.

3. The shop foremen generated spool drawings for the assemblies which they were fabricating to minimize rework as they were capable of accessing the BIM model to resolve their queries at any time.

4. Engineers compromised with the design team to apply one-quarter scale design drawings in order to use the similar sheet layout and text size. This facilitated to utilize the identical annotation, notes, and sheet setup for the detailing and engineering drawing deliverables.


How UHS Henderson Hospital project completed successfully with BIM
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